Namequoit Conservation Area

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Namequoit Conservation Area
Vital Statistics
WhereOff Namequoit Road, East Orleans
Distance0.5 mile
SurfacePine needle with some roots
Last Visited2006

About The Trail

Part of the Orleans conservation land that also makes up Pah Wah Point, this short 1/2 mile trail runs through pine woods and along the edge of upland swamp area between Namequoit and John Kendrick Roads. When first embarking on the trail, bearing right at the first intersection will take you towards John Kendrick Road and Christy’s (formerly the South Orleans General Store [SOGS]) while a left will take you back out to Namequoit or on to a short 1/5 mile loop trail. The trail is a favorite of local walkers and dog exercisers so watch where you step. About 3/4 of the way down the main trail to John Kendrick, you’ll cross a dry creek bed but be forewarned - the area can get a little muddy in heavy rains. While there are no ocean views or scenic overlooks (head a mile up the road to Paw Wah Point for an ocean view), this is a nice trail for exploration of the Cape Cod woodlands and is a great way to get from John Kendrick to Namequoit Road in order to avoid the blind corners on the heavily traveled Route 28.

Getting There

Take Route 28 to Namequoit Road and follow Namequoit to the crest of the first hill and the parking area on your right. Parking is available for 4 to 5 cars and the trailhead starts at the far side of the parking lot. Since the trail skirts several housing developments, please respect the local residents’ private property and park and hike in designated areas only.


Source: Geof Newton
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