Frost Fish Creek

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Frost Fish Creek
Vital Statistics
Administered ByChatham Conservation Foundation
WhereAt the end of Misty Meadow Lane in North Chatham
Distance0.75 M
Surfaceroots, pine needles, sand
Last VisitedNovember 2008

About The Trail

The Frost Fish Creek trail is a short, 3/4 mile system that spans the area between Crowell Road and Route 28 to the northwest of down town Chatham. There are two main trails, one which runs along the edge of Frost Fish Creek and the other which explores the upland ridge of the 'island' between the creek and the marsh. The upland trail is hilly and twisty while the creek trail is mostly flat and straight. The creek trail has a section or two which may become soggy or washed out at high tide levels. Frost Fish Creek eventually passes under Route 28 and empties out into Ryder Cove and Bassing Harbor. The area is home to much marshland wildlife even though the culvert at Route 28 has served to choke off much of the animal and plant exchange with the bay. The area is reported to have been an old bog although not much remains of any former agriculture. In the 70's and 80's the northern end of the creek was the home of the Acme Laundry factory which was destroyed by a fire in 1991. A housing development has since been built in its place. At the Meadowbrook Road end of the trail, there is a small double section of chain link fence installed to prevent mini-bikes and other motorized vehicles from using the trails.

Getting There

Take exit 11 to Route 137 and head south to Old Queen Anne Road. Turn left on Old Queen Anne and continue straight on to Old Comers Road. Continue straight through the 4-way stop and then bear right on Route 28. Parking for about 4 cars is off of Route 28 about a half mile past Crowell Road. Parking is also available at the end of Misty Meadow Lane. To approach from the southern end of the trail, turn right on Crowell Road from Route 28 and park at the Chatham High School which will be about 1 mile from the intersection on your right. Meadowbrook Road is across the street from the school driveway exit.


Source: Geof Newton
Source: Chatham Conservation Foundation
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