Beebe Woods

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Beebe Woods
Vital Statistics
WhereTrailheads at Ter Heun Drive (just past Falmouth Hospital) and Highfield Drive (Cape Cod Conservatory).
DistanceApproximately 8 miles worth of trails on 330 acres.
SurfacePine needle, sand, rock, some rooted sections.
OverallEasy and moderate

About The Trail

Many stone walls of the old farm … adjacent to Peterson Farm and connects to trail system around and about the farm … old stone markers identify old property bounds and carriage roads most left from the area’s time as part of the Beebe Estate of the 1870’s through 1932 … quiet but a favorite of locals … easily accessible from downtown and from the bike path … may loops and cross trails make for good distance alternatives … favorite running area of Falmouth Academy XC … some rocky and rooted sections especially in and around the ponds … trail surfaces vary from wood chipped and pine needled through sandy and rocky … mix of groomed, wide trails and primitives … 387 acres … highlights: 1.5 mile trail out to Ice House Pond; large boulder picnic site .25 mile from Cape Cod Conservatory parking; kettle pond known as The Punch Bowl … sign on one of the trails to Highfield Hall, 1878 summer mansion of E. Pierson Beebe, now part of Arts on the Hill - historic restoration and recreation/cultural area … donated to the town of Falmouth in 1966 by Mr./Mrs. Josiah K. Lilly … originally held by James Beebe of Boston, owner of dry goods store which eventually became Jordan Marsh …

Getting There


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