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  • 11 Feb 2017 1:37 PM | Peter Benson (Administrator)

    2017 CCAC Awards Banquet List of Recipients:

                            Grand Prix Hosts:

    •                         George and Roz Graeber
    •                         Lost Dog in Dennis – Andy Murphy and Jocelyn Smith
    •                         Dawn Varnum
    •                         Yarmouth Police Depart./ Captain Parkers – Paul Mellett &                                                                                                     Cathy Lohse
    •                         Land Ho in Harwich – Dillon Murphy
    •                         Conrad Languth and Garrett Johnson/ Weary Traveler’s
    •                         19th Hole – Dave Cronan and Chris Doherty

    Grand Prix Volunteers 

    Peter Benson – Village Idiots              Dwight Pfundstein – Nauset Surf & Turf

    Jerry Boucher – Moonwalkers            Marjorie Pitts – Village Idiots

    Joanne Corsano – Moonwalkers         Scott Pulsifer – Village Idiots

    John Duchesney – Village Idiots         Kayleen Rosato – Happy Harriers

    Mary Duchesney – Village Idiots        Eric Sabatinelli – Village Idiots

    Jen Hardigan – Village Idiots               Megan Sabatinelli – Village Idiots

    Norma Kelly – Unattached                  Sue Shanley – Village Idiots

    Cathy Lohse – Village Idiots                Rebecca Tadema-Weilandt – Village                                                                                                                   Idiots

    Rich Lohse – Unattached                    Kelly Ugaz – Nauset Surf & Turf

    Heather Manuel – Village Idiots         Kathleen Walker – Nauset Surf & Turf

    Jason McWhirter – Happy Harriers    Chris Whidden – Village Idiots

    Paul Mellett – Village Idiots   

    Grand Prix Top Individuals (1st Male and Female)

    Josh Lyon and Kathy Gustafson

    Grand Prix 1st Place Females of each age group-(Please check the CCAC website under the "Grand Prix Results" tab)

    Grand Prix 1st Place Males of each age group-(Please check the CCAC website under the "Grand Prix Results" tab)

    Overall Team Winner- Village Idiots


    ** Bill Riley is listed as an “Age Group Runner of the Year” for the 80 plus by New England Runner of the Year

    ** The CCAC tied with the Somerville Road Runners for the Cape Cod Marathon Challenge Cup

    The Women’s Team placed 1st among all the women’s teams with a time of 3:05:23

    Capt. Lee Moynihan, Michelle Kjoller, Amy Woods, Kim Robbins and Dawn Varnum

    The Men’s Team placed 2nd among all the men’s teams with a time of 2:55:30

    Capt. Chris Crema, Justin Torellas, Dustin Baker, Scott Brown, Tom Burt

    The Co-Ed Team placed 2nd among all the co-ed teams with a time of 2:51:51

    Capt. Geof Newton, Katie McCully, Chris Novak, Seamus Woods, Josh Lyon



    Triathlon Team members who have competed in Ironman brand events in 2016. As a team, the Cape Cod Tri team finished 70th out of 166 teams nationally for 2016. That is an improved from 78th in 2015. The highlighted members are those that received "All World" honors last year."

    Adrienne Perruzzi Okon                Half Ironman      Eagleman            June 12th              First Timer

    Joe O’Loughlin                               Half Ironman      Eagleman            June 12th             

    Joanna Tarasiuk                             Half Ironman      Syracuse              June 19th              First Timer

    Chris Crema                                    Ironman               Lake Placid          July 24th               

    James Hawley                                    Ironman               Lake Placid          July 24th

    Stuart Nixoff                                      Ironman               Lake Placid          July 24th

    Richard McEvoy                                Ironman               Vineman              July 30th

    Charlotte Johnson                           Ironman               Mt. Tremblant   August 21st

    Paul Johnson                                     Ironman               Mt. Tremblant   August 21st

    Tom Burt                                             Ironman               Mt. Tremblant   August 21st   

    Sam Crowell                                       Ironman               Mt. Tremblant   August 21st

    Aliicia Furrer                           Ironman               Mt. Tremblant   August 21st

    Karen DeSimone                     Ironman               Mt. Tremblant   August 21st

    Lee Moynihan                         Ironman               Mt. Tremblant   August 21st

    Adam Hufnagel                       Half Ironman   Timberman     August 21st

    Derek Delmonico                    Half Ironman   Timberman     August 21st

    Joe O’Loughlin                        Half Ironman   Timberman     August 21st

    Tracey Delmonico                   Half Ironman   Timberman     August 21st

    Adrienne Perruzzi Okon          Half Ironman   Atlantic City    September 18th

    Brendan Mulvey                     Half Ironman   Atlantic City    September 18th

    Derek Delmonico                   Ironman          Tennessee       September 25th ALL WORLD

    Tracey Delmonico                  Ironman          Tennessee       September 25th ALL WORLD

    Eduardo Ugaz                          Ironman          Maryland        Ocotber 9th

    Joe O’Loughlin                       Ironman          Louisville        October 9th ALL WORLD

    Jason Lilly                                Half Ironman   Arizona            October 16th

    Joe O’Loughlin                        Ironman          Cozumel          November 27th




            Open (29-UNDER):

                            Male:  Ryan Richer                              Female:  Mei Li Johnson

           SUB-MASTER (30-39):

                            Male:  Tom Burt                                 

            MASTER (40-49):

                            Male:  Eric Wheeler                            Female:  Adrienne Okon

              SENIOR (50-59):

                           Male:  Dick McEvoy                            Female:  Tracey Delmonico

           VETERAN (60-69):

                            Male:  Rich Chretien                           Female:  Laura Woods

             SUPER VETERAN (70-PLUS):

                            Male:  Adam Ross                               Female:  Lucy Duffy

            NEWBIE AWARD:  Peter Benson

          DAVID BRAZIL INSPIRATIONAL AWARD:  Barbara and Albert Stetson

           VOLUNTEER AWARD:  Kathleen Walker and Andy Scherding

            FAMILY AWARD:  Trish and Gary Cundiff

             TRIATHLETES OF THE YEAR:               

                            Male:  Chris Novak                              Female:  Katie McCully



          OPEN (20-39):

                            Male:  Alex Holder                              Female:  Heather Manuel

           MASTER (40-49):

                            Male:  Dave Fay                                  Female:  Lori Miranda                                                                                                         (and Chara)

            SENIOR (50-59):

                            Male:  Dave Crawford                         Female:  Susan Spencer

            VETERAN (60-69):

                            Male:  Dave Farrell                             Female:  Ann Marie Costa

             SUPER VETERAN (70-79):

                            Male:  Brian Kelly

              SUPER SENIOR VETERAN (80-PLUS):

                            Male:  Larry Cole

               COMEBACK AWARD:

                            Male:  Jamie Veara                             Female:  Joanne Corsano

                MOST IMPROVED:

                            Male:  Joshua Lyon                              Female:  Wendy Dunford

                 WALKER OF THE YEAR:

                            Male:  Jim Shanley                              Female:  Kristen O’Brien

                  ULTRA RUNNER OF THE YEAR:

                            Marshall Lovelette

                    RUNNERS OF THE YEAR:

                            Male:  Tom Cugno                               Female:  Kimberly                                                                                                               Robbins



                           Peter Benson                                       Cathy Lohse

                            Larry Cole                                            Tracy Long

                            Chris Crema                                        Jane Lovelette

                            Sam Crowell                                        Bill Masterson

                            Mary Duchesney                                 Geof Newton

                            Susan Eastman                                    Dwight Pfundstein

                            Clarence (Bob) Eckerson                     Megan Sabatinelli

                            George Graeber                                  Andy Scherding

                            George Henry                                      Rebecca Tadema-                                                                                                 Wielandt

                            Christine Hornby                                 Tammy Tansey

                            Rich Houston                                       Kathleen Thomas

                            John Kerrigan                                      Kathleen Walker

                            Conrad Languth                                  Dawn Varnum

    THE AMBASSADOR AWARD:         George Henry



    THE JOHNNY KELLEY AWARD:   Jane Lovelette

    Thank you to all for making the 2016 Cape Cod Athletic Club year a memorable one.  We look forward to a fun-filled 2017.

  • 13 Jan 2017 6:30 AM | Peter Benson (Administrator)
    After taking a week off from racing, the Gran Prix race series continues this Sunday, January 15th at the Land Ho ( Restaurant in Harwich Port. The course is 4.1 miles, flat,  and takes you along Nantucket Sound. As always, the Walkers race begins at 10:30 and Runners at 11:00 and the Land Ho will provide the food post race.

    It has been decided that the number of Gran Prix races members will need to complete for GP award eligibility will now be four instead of the usual five because of last weeks cancellation. In addition, the Weary Travelers Race, rescheduled for January 22nd, will still count towards GP standings if members choose to run that race.

    Lastly, the Club will be accepting banquet payments at the GP this Sunday. There will be banquet registration forms available at the Land Ho.

  • 07 Jan 2017 11:10 AM | Peter Benson (Administrator)

    From Joanne Corsano:

    I have been in touch with Bob Burt, race director for the Weary Travelers race (also known as the Cape Cod Roadrunners Winter Fun Run), and they are postponing the race to Sunday, Jan. 22 at 10:30.

  • 07 Jan 2017 9:17 AM | Peter Benson (Administrator)
    ***Gran Prix Race Cancelled***

    Gran Prix Race #5 scheduled for tomorrow, January 8th, at Marathon Sports has been cancelled due to the impending storm. It has also been decided that the results of the Weary Travelers Race, if run as scheduled, will not count towards the Gran Prix standings. 

    Stay Safe

  • 06 Jan 2017 5:46 AM | Peter Benson (Administrator)

    The Cape Cod Athletic Club Cordially invites you to Participate in

    The CCAC Valentine Twosome 5K

    Sunday, February 12, 2017

    Start Time:  11:00am

    (Registration will begin at 10:00am)

    Paul and Cathy’s House at 175 Corporation Road, Dennis

    Parking will be available at Corporation Beach

    For more information, Email:

    Race Information:

    One male and one female will be paired up by a blind draw.  They do NOT have to run together.  Their official times and ages will be added together to determine their age group and overall time. Ex: 44F + 38M = 82 (80-94) F-24:52 + M-20:13 = 45:05 overall time

    Age Groups will be as follows:

    0-34, 35-49, 50-64, 65-79, 80-94, 95-109, 110-124, 125+over. 

    First place team in each division wins a prize.

    *Brunch Potluck – Please bring a dish to share.  Mimosas and Blood Mary’s Provided.

    You may choose to bring your own beer, wine or other…

    Race Day Entry Only: $10.00 per person (CCAC Members Only)

    No Partner Needed – We will do a blind draw for partners.

  • 02 Jan 2017 5:24 PM | Peter Benson (Administrator)

    On Saturday, December 31st after the running of Gran Prix #4 at the Yarmouth Police Department, the announcement was made as to which Club members would be receiving the Club's four Boston Marathon Waivers. The recipients are (in alphabetical order):

    Jennifer Hardigan

    Tracy Long

    Josh Lyon

    Susan Shanley

    (The four waiver recipients with Howard and Cathy at the CCAC meeting on January 4th)

  • 11 Dec 2016 12:25 AM | Geof Newton (Administrator)

    Initial results for Grand Prix #1, absent the team and individual series scoring which will begin after race #2, are posted for your enjoyment. The table will be constantly updated as we progress through the series so keep a bookmark handy and remember to check your standings and stats periodically for any errors that may creep in.

  • 05 Dec 2016 11:57 AM | Peter Benson (Administrator)

    The fall clothing order is finally all in and printed.  

    I will be at the monthly club meeting on Wednesday December 7th to sell/hand out the clothing.  I will be set up by 6:30 pm at the Dennis Senior Center.  

    I will be at the Grand Prix Sunday December 11th at the Lost Dog in Dennis to sell/handle out the clothing.  I hope to be set up by 10 am.    

    Let me know if you have any questions,

    Thanks for your patience.

    Christine Hornby

  • 30 Nov 2016 5:12 AM | Peter Benson (Administrator)

    The CCAC has four 2017 Boston Marathon entry waivers to award to Club members and will be accepting applications for the waivers based on the following criteria:

    • ·         Were a Club member in 2016, with 2017 membership dues having been              paid.
    • ·         Active participation in club activities over the past year is a very important         consideration.
    • ·         Those who have not received a waiver in the past will be given priority.
    • ·         If there are more waiver applications who meet the above criteria than                waivers available, the winners will be drawn at random.

    Members who are interested in applying for a Club waiver should complete the attached application and email to or give to Cathy Lohse at any of the winter Grand Prix races! 

    The application deadline is FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2016 by 8:00PM, the Club will not accept applications after this deadline.

    Winners will be chosen and announced at the YPD Winter Run on December 31, 2016.  Waivers will be distributed to the winners at the CCAC meeting on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

    IMPORTANT: The BAA is charging $355.00 (approx.) for this entry waiver ($455.00 approx. if received after February 1st) Waivers will be awarded according to the criteria below, CANNOT BE DEFERRED if you can’t run, and ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE.

    It is important to note that failure to follow through on the waiver obligations by the member who is awarded a waiver could result in the Cape Cod Athletic Club NOT receiving future waivers from the B.A.A.

    CCAC Boston Marathon Waiver Application.docx

  • 27 Nov 2016 8:53 AM | Peter Benson (Administrator)

    Addition to the 2016-17 Gran Prix Race Schedule:

    12-18-2016 Dawn Varnum, 106 Governor Bradford Rd., Brewster 3.8 mile road and trail, Pot Luck

    Rt 137 to Freemans Way, to Governor Bradford Road

    Thanks to Dawn for hosting!

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