February 4, 2016

Pamela Rogers, CCAC, CCTC, Sarasota Sharks Swim Team

1. By logging winter swim hours, you can reduce the risk of injury when the triathlon and open water seasons begin.

You will be aquatically fit and prepared if you train in winter. By incorporating a combination of good skills, endurance, anaerobic threshold, and recovery training, you can avoid waiting for swim preparation when the ponds, lakes, bays, and ocean are warm enough for outdoor swimming. Plus, no one wants nagging shoulder pain from punching up yardage too quickly in the late spring and summer. Become prepared now

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February 3, 2016

The 2015-2016 Winter Grand Prix came to its fateful conclusion on Sunday. Generously hosted by the 19th Hole, the weather was fair with a mild wind from the west. All was not calm on the race course, however, as a pair of devious miscreants flipped the arrow at the intersection of Old Colony Road and Gosnold Street between the walkers and the runners causing the lead runners, and indeed much of the pack, to add an extra 1.4 mile tour around the Kalmus Beach neighborhood. But that extra distance meant one more cookie or a larger piece of pie at the post-race potluck so all was not lost in Mudville on this day. As for the results? After untangling the wreckage of bodies, we’ve ranked everyone by pace for the finale race. Review race results and all your standings and send corrections to ccac@capecodathleticclub.org before Friday! And remember to get to the banquet on Saturday for dancing, awards and dinner – if you can still walk. Preliminary results subject to judicial review:


15-19   Ryan Richer
20-24 Maggie Gardner  
25-29 Kati Oberg Seb Byland
30-34 Sarah Newcomb-Baker Justin Torrellas
35-39 Heather Manuel Geoffrey Mulholland
40-44 Rebecca Tadema-Wielandt Josh Lyon / Dustin Baker
45-49 Kimberly Robbins Geof Newton
50-54 Katie McCully Paul Hufnagel
55-59 Kayleen Rosato Mike Sellars
60-64 Kit Boucher Tom Cugno
65-69 Janet Kelly Gene Cormier
70-74   Dave Baker
75-79 Martha Edwards  
80-84   Larry Cole
Clyde   Rob Kadunc
Walker Wendy Bonfini Bill Dalrymple


Individual Points Leaders

Katie McCully (4808) Chris Novak (5280)
Kayleen Rosato (4475) Marshall Lovelette (4950)
Kimberly Robbins (4425) Josh Lyon (4844)



Overall Mixed
Nauset Surf & Turf Nauset Surf & Turf / Happy Trails
Happy Trails Guns and Hoses
Guns and Hoses Mixed Nuts
January 26, 2016

It all comes down to this – 4.7 miles through Hyannisport hosted by the 19th Hole. Katie McCully leads the women with 3593 points, trailed by Jane Lovelette with 3491 and Kayleen Rosato with 3325. Katie is in the top position as long as she shows up and manages to get to the finish line by 2pm. The men’s race is much, much tighter with Paul Hufnagel at 3962 holding an ever so thin margin over Chris Novak (3948) with a surprise Dave Farrell tracking them both in the 3rd slot at 3926. It’s up for grabs in the men’s column. In the team competition, Nauset Surf & Turf leads perennial winner Happy Trails by 1 point in the Overall category but falls behind Happy Trails by 1 point in the Mixed category. Firmly locked in 3rd is Guns & Hoses while Harwich Harriers and Mixed Nuts battle for the 4th slot. The final standings will be all about who can make it back to the 19th Hole first!


As the Winter Grand Prix winds down, get ready to party at the annual Awards Banquet – Saturday, February 6th at the DoubleTree in Hyannis. You can sign up at the final Grand Prix this weekend or mail the registration form this week to the CCAC mailbox. If you prefer to pay at the door, let president Howard know that you’re coming so we have enough chairs and plates. Cocktails start at 6:00pm, then awards and dancing until the wee hours! Who are we dancing to? We’ll be swinging to Sarah Swain and the Oh Boys! Save enough for Sunday: Kevin’s 5 or 10 Milers at Hanlon Shoes on Main Street.


December 27, 2015

Looking for those Grand Prix results? Check them out on the Scoring page and send corrections to ccac@capecodathleticclub.org.

December 25, 2015

May your runs be merry and bright!

… and fast!



And on Christmas Day, we have a few Boston Marathon waivers to award to deserving club members. If you didn’t meet your qualifying time, you can still represent the club at the 2016 Boston Marathon. Fill out this application and return it to ccac@capecodathleticclub.org or Cathy Lohse on or before December 27th. Waivers will be awarded on Sunday the 27th and applications are due to the BAA by the 15th of January or you pay an additional $100. You’re responsible for submitting the application and waiver to the BAA, paying the application fees, training adequately, and getting yourself to the start and finish lines.

BAA Waiver – 2016


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